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About Us

We are TERMONT, a member of the LOGISTEC family, specialized in container terminal operations located in the heart of the Port of Montreal. We provide operational expertise as well as stowage and handling services for goods and cargo between ships, trains, and trucks. Our reputation is built on excellence, thanks to the dedication of our people committed to finding solutions to support reliable and sustainable supply chains.

What Is Your True Passion?

Our people are proud and passionate about what they do. Whether you work in one of our offices or at one of our terminals, a job with us will always be rewarding and challenging.


We Care For Our People


Guillaume Voyer
Assistant Director of Operations

My name is Guillaume Voyer, and I have been holding the position of Assistant Director of Operations at TERMONT for nine years. I am truly motivated by my work because each day represents a unique opportunity to face exciting challenges. What particularly drives me is the synergy and cooperation within my team. By joining our forces, we manage to reach heights that were thought to be out of reach, thus revealing the true power of teamwork.

André Melchisédek Ratsimandresy
IT Technician

My name is André Melchisédek Ratsimandresy, and I am an IT Technician at TERMONT since November 2022. My work is very motivating because the time I dedicate to my job not only helps numerous users but also contributes to enriching my knowledge in the field of information technology. There are goals to achieve and challenges to overcome, and my passion gives me the determination needed to persevere and reach these objectives. I am proud to be part of my team and our achievements.

Ariane Bélanger
Health and Safety Advisor

My name is Ariane Bélanger, and I have been a Health and Safety Advisor at TERMONT since September 2022. TERMONT prioritizes health and safety, which is essential and reassuring. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to express my ideas and implement them in collaboration with all my colleagues. Listening and continuous improvement are strongly encouraged, contributing to making our company a constantly advancing place, for the benefit of all. The challenges I face in my role are diverse, and evolving within such a diverse team provides me with a professionally rewarding experience.

Sébastien Millette
Operations Manager

My name is Sébastien Millette, and I have been the Operations Manager at TERMONT since May 2022. What I love most about my job is its dynamic and varied nature. Each day is different, and we have to make important decisions that can influence the course of the day. I particularly appreciate working in the heart of the action, collaborating with various stakeholders at the port and my colleagues. We follow a work plan while cooperating to achieve our operational objectives, prioritizing safety and efficiency.